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Press statement from the 13th of May 2019

First large scale Beach cleanup in Germany


„About 70 percent of the Earths’ surface is covered by water. Today hundreds of thousands pieces of plastic waste can be found in every square kilometer“ (WWF)

No matter were we are on the planet – waste is being washed up on every beach.

Usedom is not only the Island with the longest beachline in Germany; it’s beach can also be described as one of the most beautiful in the country, and surely as one of the cleanest. While Usedoms’ beach measures 40 Kilometers from Peenemünde to the polish border, the globe is has a circumference of 40.000 Kilometers.

The young people of Usedom want to send a global message with their “1st large scale beach cleanup”. Enough! The Oceans can’t handle anymore trash!

A project on this scale, planned and conducted by 90 apprentices, school children, university and acting students has never been done before. At this point 2.000 young people in the ages from six to 26 from all across the nation have enlisted to help make this a first time event in Germany.












Fotos: (1) Anika Ziegler, (2) Sebastian Vetter, (3) Lenja Lovisa Hintze



With this project we would like to reach young and old in order to draw awareness to the problems at hand and to motivate all generations to take care of our Environment. Just imagine what an amazing effect it would have, if every person where to pick up just five pieces of trash in the woods, at the beach or on the street. Our children and our childrens’ children are growing up on a world were nature is by far not as pristine and clean as some of us remember it from our childhoods.

We have accomplished many of our goals by now! In the course of planning this project we have acquired management skills, staying values, and a respectful engagement at the workplace. We have accomplished something truly great! Renowned experts with great knowledge of the global waste problem like Marcella Hansch (Pacific Garbage Screening), Frank Schweikert (Deutsche Meeresstiftung), and Felix Finkbeiner (plant for the planet) have become aware of our project and will be visiting Usedom to support us. Politicians and celebrity’s will also be taking part in activities surrounding the beachcleanup. We can announce with great joy that Joey Grit Winkler (“Welt der Wunder”) has graciously offered to help and will host discussions around the project: “Im very happy to be able to support the project! If everyone does their small part, many small drops can amount to a beautiful ocean.”

Politicians have also offered to help our ecological cause. The Primeminister of the state Manuela Schwesig will be accompanied by the Cabinet Minister of Environmental affaires Dr. Till Backhaus when she kicks off the beachcleanup at 10 o’clock in Zinnowitz.

We are also very honored to have Didier Dogley the Cabinet Minister of tourism of the Seychelles as our guest! “The Seychelles are committed to environmental protection, but we can’t do it all on our own. We team up with projects across the globe to protect our beaches and oceans. The Usedom – Project in Germany is one of these partners!”

We are the first cooperation between the Seychelles and Germany committed to saving the environment. We have many requests to broaden our cooperation with other projects around the world. That way apprentices and young people can help create their future with pristine nature, healthy oceans and tourism fitting these values.

We’ve reached the Island of Usedom, on the 17th of May 2019 the young people of Usedom will reach the nation and possibly the world! 


Hannah-Nele Uehlinger, 18

I was lucky to grow up on the coast of the baltic sea, as close to nature as possible. The mindeless use of plastics across the globe will destroy our most valuable asset – nature. Currently we are causing the greatest wave of extinction since the age of dinosaurs. However, we can act now! It is great to take part of the project because we work as a team and you could sense that everybody is doing their part to contribute to a great whole! It’s not all about this one time beachcleanup – we are trying to reach peoples awareness to help do their part to save the planet. 


Anika Ziegler, Feelgood-Manager and Founder of the project „Das Usedom-Projekt“

I never thought that this project would resonate so greatly with young people. Experts are visiting our island to see what our young people have organized – to me, that’s amazing! “Das Usedom – Projekt” is calling awareness to a problem that is important to all of us: we have a problem with plastic waste, we have a problem with waste in our oceans and we need to educate. Educate to ensure an ecologically sound future!  






Marcella Hansch (Founder of Pacific Garbage Screening and the innovator behind a swimming platform which is able to filter particles of plastic out of the ocean)

I am a part of Germanys first large scale beach cleanup because everybody can act and help. “Das Usedom – Projekt” is a great example of what we can accomplish together. 





Schedule of Germanys first largescale beachcleanup:

Thursday, 16th of May, 6 p.m.

Get-Together of project participants , VIPs, Press and the people of Usedom in „Chapeau Rouge“, the Theatre tent of the Pomeranian state stage in Heringsdorf.


Friday, 17th of May, 10 to 12 a.m.

beachcleanup of the coastline and dunes

10 a.m. start of the cleanup at all major beach gates (Peenemünde, Karlshagen, Trassenheide, Zinnowitz, Zempin, Ückeritz, Bansin, Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck)

10 a.m. opening formalities in Zinnowitz with Prime minister of the State Manuela Schwesig, cabinet minister of environmental affaires Dr. Till Backhaus, and the cabinet minister of tourism of the Seychelles, Didier Dogley.

In the afternoon there will be interviews with VIP’s and guests. In order to ensure a smooth running afternoon we would be much obliged if interviews could be scheduled beforehand.


Friday, 17th of May, 6 p.m.

„Talk in the Theatre“ Blechbüchse, Zinnowitz

Topic: Social and ecological preservation


Frank Schweikert (Deutsche Meeresstiftung),

Felix Finkbeiner („plant for the planet“),

Marcella Hansch (Pacific Garbage Screening),

Luisa Neubauer („fridays for future“),

Dr. Till Backhaus (cabinet minister of environmental affaires MV),

Didier Dogley (cabinet minister of tourism of the Seychelles) and

guests from the Seychelle Island Foundation

Host: Joey Grit Winkler („Welt der Wunder“)



Dieses Projekt gibt es nur dank engagierter Ehrenamtlicher und großzügiger Sponsoren.

Kontoverbindung: Kontoinhaber Das Usedom-Projekt

 IBAN: DE63 1505 0500 0102 0900 84              Sparkasse Vorpommern             NOLADE21GRW








"The Usedom Project"


... is a free non-profit project that is open to apprentices (specially for tourism apprentices), students, drama students and high school students (especially the graduating classes).


In monthly seminars, the currently 120 participants learn to implement esteeming/ appreciative and respectful teamwork as well as experience-based and structured learning and develop social competence as well as the ability to recognize their own potential.


"The Usedom Project" is a multi-year project with annually changing cooperation partners - this year’s project is "The Usedom-Seychelles Project". The 10 most dedicated apprentices (engaged in the training company, in the vocational school and in the project), pupils and students have the opportunity to travel to the Seychelles in October 2019 to learn about ecotourism. The international exchange project is the "Aldabra Atoll Clean Up Project" which is carried out by young people of the Seychelles and Oxford University.


"The Usedom Project" is currently the largest sustainable project of young people in Germany.

The project will be recorded in a documentary film.


The first self-selected large common "task" is the organization and planning of a meaningful action involving the communities and tourism experts of the island of Usedom but also/ as well as well-known personalities in the field of "sustainability".

Since October 2018, the first major German beach cleanup with over 4,000 participants has been/is being planned with great media interest. "The Usedom Project" wants to set/send out a message, drawing attention to the global problem of littered and damaged oceans. It is committed to "our island, our people, our beach".

Sustainability is environmentally and socially important for us - this young generation wants to be smarter, more courageous, more aware and more respectful in its use of resources.


The initiators of the project are Anika Ziegler (Island Seminars, Usedom) and Martina Zöllner (my tv-magazin, Frankfurt). A team of currently eight voluntary members coordinates the group of organizers.


The beach cleanup - the now internationally known name was chosen consciously - along 42 kilometers of the Baltic Sea beach on the island of Usedom will take place on May 17, 2019 between 10 and 12 o’clock. The evening before, we will organize a get-together in cooperation with the “Vorpommersche Landesbühne” with celebrities, journalists and, of course, representatives of the island of Usedom.


On May 17, starting at 6 pm, a discussion round on "Sustainability" will take place in the hall of the "Preußenhof" Zinnowitz. A number of well-known personalities have agreed to participate.